About Institute

Институт нейрокоммуникации и психотерапии

Doctrina – facultatem in semita

The Institute of Neurocommunications and Psychotherapy (INNCP) – nongovernment institution of additional education in Vilnius, Lithuania. We are an organization of professionals in the fields of psychiatry, psychotherapy, psychology and neuroscience providing postgraduate education in full-time (seminars and lectures) and distance (webinar) forms.

Our mission is to unite in a single concept modern achievements of neuroscience, models of mental health and psychotherapy. To acquaint novice specialists and professionals with a new paradigm of mental health in the world of technology and network communications. To fill the deficit of knowledge in the sphere of neuroscience – interpersonal neurobiology, neuropsychoanalysis, epigenetics, neuropsychodynamic psychiatry, neurophilosophy.

To make discoveries of innovative neurosciences available for vocational education of specialists in assisting professions (psychiatrists, psychotherapists, psychologists), related specialists (social workers, teachers, educators) and all the interested persons (parents, spouses, etc.)

The Institute is registered in the Register of Educational and Scientific
institutions under the Ministry of Education and Science of Lithuania (EU)(identification number 88888880813771).