Institute of Integrative Psychosomatics (Paris, France)
Institute of Psychotherapy and Neurocommunications (Vilnius, Lithuania)


2122 October 2023

Portrait de Jean Benjamin StoraDear Colleagues!  We invite you to a series of webinars INTEGRATIVE PSYCHOSOMATICS FOR CLINICIANS.  The founder of the modern clinical direction of integrative psychosomatics, Jean Benjamin Stora and his colleagues will introduce you the theory and the practical methods of psychosomatic school of Pitié-Salpêtrière.

Integrative psychosomatics is a scientific approach at the crossroads of metapsychology, medicine, and neuroscience with reference to new disciplines such as psycho-neuro-immunology, psycho-neuro-endocrinology, neuro-psychoanalysis, etc. It is the study of the interrelations between medicine, psychoanalysis of the archaic phase of development, and neuroscience in order to better understand the pathologies of somatic patients.

Webinar topics include:

  1. Jean Benjamin Stora – What is Integrative Psychosomatics? Somatic medicine, Paris Psychosomatic School and Modern Neuroscience.
  2. Jean-Jacques Maurice – Body images in Integrative Psychosomatics. Relationships to the body and illnesses. Body scheme. The problem of cathexis.
  3. Jean-Jacques Maurice – Psychosocial Stress and Risks. Relevance to the modern era.
  4. Jean Benjamin Stora – Female sexuality in integrative psychosomatics importance of the psychic investment of the biological body.
  5. Jean Benjamin Stora – Neuro Psychosomatic model of integrative psychosomatics. Developmental approach.
  6. Jean Benjamin Stora – Instincts and drives in Integrative Psychosomatics. A clinical case study.
  7. Jean Benjamin Stora – Psychosomatic semiology. Current methods of the Paris Psychosomatic School and Jean Benjamin Stora. Psychosomatic risk assessment method and psychosomatic nosography.
  8. Arseny Tarabanov – Neuro Psychosomatics and clinical aspects of the dynamics of personality disorders.

Participants will receive a certificate from the Institute of Integrative Psychosomatics (Paris) and the Institute for Neuro Communications and Psychotherapy (Vilnius).

The webinars will take place on 21 and 22 October 2023.

Participation is free of charge, but only by preliminary registration!