For all questions, you can get an answer in online mode on working days from 10:00 to 18:00 (in the message box in the lower right corner). Other times we will respond to you later.

About training at the seminar and on the webinar, write to info@inncp.com or contact by phone:

Arseny Tarabanov  Arseny Tarabanov

For cooperation, please contact Arseny Tarabanov by e-mail tarabanov@inncp.com

For individual counseling, write to the e-mail info@inncp.com or to your personal mailboxes:

Arseny Tarabanov  tarabanov@inncp.com

Igor Kolesnikov      kolesnikov@inncp.com

Registered address:
Address: Antakalnio g. 66-1, Vilnius, Lithuania
Phone: : Arseny Tarabanov
E-mail: info@inncp.com
Site: http://www.inncp.com
Company code: 304612695
The identification number of Institute in the Register of Educational and Scientific
institutions under the Ministry of Education and Science of Lithuania (EU) 88888880813771.

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